2018 has been an amazing year. We heard from Alex, Betty, Adorned in Grace, and sisters Lili & Ruby about the transformations they’ve experienced. Each came to the barn with a unique situation and their own set of goals. Now each is well on their way to accomplishing those goals and seeing lasting changes in their lives for the better. Forward Stride is at the heart of each of these stories. We are grateful for the ability to serve our community in such an impactful way and we are proud of each and every one of our clients.

Forward Stride makes a difference to our clients — but we would never be able to do this without your support. Your donation makes a difference to us. You have four more days to donate within 2018 and receive a tax deduction for this year. If any of these stories touched your heart, consider making an end-of-year contribution today. Our clients, volunteers, board of directors, staff, horses, and community of supporters will thank you.

See you next year!