Weather Closure Policy


When Beaverton School District is in session, we follow their weather closures.

When school is not in session, the Program Manager, Volunteer Coordinator and Daily Instructors/Therapists will make this call together and will all assist with phone calls, based on the following guidelines:

  • Heat: We do unmounted lessons/sessions when the temps rise above 90 degrees. Classes are canceled when there is no place on site (indoor or outdoor) that is below 95 degrees.
  • Cold: We may choose unmounted lessons/sessions when the temps drop below 30 degrees. If the arena base is frozen and hard, injury to both rider and horse can result.
  • Unsafe Road Conditions: We will do our best to assess the safety of driving to the barn based on available weather reports and actual reports from people in the area. We will wait until the day of lessons to make final decisions, no later than 7 am.

We will make phone calls or electronic notifications as outlined above.


It is important that volunteers do their best to make it safely to the barn to volunteer with their shift. There may be extra facility and/or horse chores to be covered.

Notifications & Makeups

All clients and volunteers will receive a cancellation call or email when school is not in session. When school is in session, please refer to the Beaverton School District.

There are no credits or makeup lessons provided for Riding and Vaulting clients when classes are canceled due to weather.