Vaulting Program

Equestrian Vaulting is most commonly defined as gymnastics and dance on horseback. Vaulting is an individual and team sport. At Forward Stride, we offer Competitive and Recreational Vaulting to children and adults of all abilities.

Competitive Vaulting

Forward Stride’s Competitive Vaulting team, The Flying Stars, practices as individuals, pairs, and teams. Those who participate in Competitive Vaulting have the option to compete if they choose. Program Coordinator Marci has been involved with Competitive Vaulting for over 20 years. She has vaulted and competed internationally, passed the test to become a registered vaulting judge, and judged for four years.

Flying Stars is listed as one of the Region III Clubs on the American Vaulting Association website.

Flying Star Vaulters


  • 30 min private barrel lesson: $40
  • 1 hour class : $32
  • 90 min class: $37
  • 2 hour class: $42.50

Recreational Vaulting

Recreational Vaulting teaches the same poses as Competitive Vaulting with the focus on fostering teamwork, confidence, and independence. Vaulting is very much a team sport, which makes it a good choice for those working to improve their social interactions and teamwork skills, all while having fun!

Benefits of Vaulting

  • Independence
  • Confidence
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Team Skill Building
  • Balance
  • Improved Riding Seat

Safety and Vaulting

We are frequently asked why vaulters do not wear helmets. Helmets can reduce a vaulter’s ability to balance properly, increasing the chance of falling. Vaulting has been documented as the safest equestrian activity and safer than many every day activities, such as playing soccer. Before any vaulter ever gets on a horse, they learn how to safely fall in an emergency or loss of balance. For more information on vaulting and safety please refer to the American Vaulting Association website.  


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