Melody’s family was introduced to Forward Stride the day her daughter took her first ride on a horse during an outing to the barn with her Girl Scout troop back in 2008. She fell in love on the spot! Eventually Melody bought her own horse – Freckles – a current member of the Forward Stride herd.

Melody is a product deployment and customer service manager with Sodexo – Quality of Life Services. Melody’s membership on the board offers her a way to give back to the organization that has given her family so many opportunities.  Over the past 7 years all four members of her family have volunteered or spent time at the barn in one way or another – through the many farm chores for the horses to participating in riding lessons.  Melody is grateful for the instructors and staff that support clients participating in many different areas with equestrian activities and volunteering events. Melody believes Forward Stride brings out the best in all of us.