Kennedy shares two very different but important jobs as the Volunteer Coordinator and the Facilities Coordinator. She makes sure there are volunteers for all areas of Forward Stride from, side-walkers in rehab services sessions, leaders in fundamental lessons, and horse care volunteers to feed horses seven days a week three times a day. She also tackles daily facility projects such as fixing electric fences and keeping the arenas maintained as well as larger ones such building new pastures.

Kennedy graduated from Presbyterian College in 2020 with a psychology major and from there has moved westward. She worked in Jackson Hole, Wyoming as a wrangler for two years; taking people of all ages and abilities into the mountains on horseback. She is passionate about giving all people the experience and new found love for horses and the outdoors.

Kennedy’s can be found outside of work in the mountains backpacking and skiing or on the coast surfing! She loves to get outside and explore the PNW!