Bringing Out the Best in People

Sarah is making life-changing programs more accessible for the people who need them! Sarah has been part of the Forward Stride community, and the greater Oregon equestrian community, for many years. She coordinates a yearly wreath sale to support Forward Stride’s Financial Assistance Fund.

The Financial Assistance Fund exists to support individuals and families who need additional financial assistance to access programs at Forward Stride. Supporters of the Financial Assistance Fund ensure that these people can continue to receive the services they need without undue burden.

For Sarah, this journey of support began with her son, Nate.

Nate was born with Cerebral Palsy that affected the left side of his body. He fell in love with horses and the relationship he had with his horse Benny demonstrated how the partnership between horse and human can have wonderful therapeutic value.

When Nate passed away 8 years ago, he was working at another equine assisted activity center in West Linn called Happy Trails. Sarah saw the benefit of programs like this, and with the support of the Metro West Women’s Club and some friends of Nate’s, she started the wreath sale to help individuals with financial needs to access equine assisted activities and therapies.

After that center went out of business, Sarah searched for another center offering this impactful programming. She found Forward Stride and decided that it would be a wonderful fit for the Nate Asby Scholarship Fund.

Asby Fund Wreath

 I was familiar with Forward Stride because of Amber. If I recall, Amber was a member of the local Arabian Horse club I am involved in. I did some further research into how Forward Stride is organized and was impressed by the range of services they offer for riders with challenges.

Nate Showing Benny

Nate was an accomplished rider, competing on his horse Benny in open dressage shows against able-bodied riders. He even qualified for and rode in the Arabian Sporthorse National competition!

Sarah’s commitment to serve others and to her son’s memory keeps the Nate Asby Scholarship Fund, a section of the Financial Assistance Fund, going strong. Last year, funds from this section assisted five clients in accessing programming in our Rehabilitation Services, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, and Riding programs. Sarah says, “I think horses bring out the best in people no matter the challenges.” We couldn’t agree more.

If you would like to order your very own wreath, contact Sarah by Nov. 5th! 

Donate to the Financial Assistance Fund today at the form below and keep our programs accessible!