Lorien is a sixteen-year-old girl with a wonderful, vivacious personality. From the time Lorien was about six months old, her parents noticed she was not progressing at the same rate as her peers. Lorien didn’t start crawling until she was over a year old. When she was eighteen months old she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Lorien didn’t start talking and walking until she was about two. For Lorien’s parents, this was a lot to grasp.

“We’ve been on a long and difficult journey her whole life.” – Lorien’s Dad

Despite struggling with many day-to-day tasks, Lorien maintains a wonderful outlook on life. Lorien is unable to participate in 90% of her school PE activities, therefore, therapy is essential for her continued physical and personal improvement.

At Forward Stride, Lorien is becoming stronger. Lorien’s physical therapist, Sheila Stahl Butler, utilizes the movement of a horse as a strategic intervention to improve her endurance and mobility. By combining Physical Therapy and the three dimensional movement of the horse, Lorien is able to increase her range of motion and strength, become more independent, and increase the quality of her gait.

In return, Lorien is more readily able to perform everyday tasks and thrive in her life with fewer limitations.

Since starting her therapy at Forward Stride, Lorien is better able to handle the tough environment of high school. In addition, Lorien has more confidence in herself considering she now participates in an activity that most of her peers do not.

Help Lorien continue receiving the therapy she needs to meet her goals!

Your tax-deductible contribution really makes a difference. It allows for personal achievements and greater independence through hard work and determination. It provides opportunities to share, grow, and heal through our unique programs like our Rehabilitation Services Program.