Forward Stride's volunteers are the heart of our program

Growing Together  – Our Incredible Volunteers

An instructor assists a girl balancing on a horse and lifting one leg in Forward Stride's vaulting program

Forward Stride is powered by an extraordinary force – roughly 200 volunteers a week who are the heart of our organization.

At Forward Stride, we believe that volunteering is more than just completing scheduled tasks—it’s a journey filled with meaningful experiences and connections. Volunteers play a crucial role in ensuring the seamless operation of our daily activities and are involved in every facet of our diverse programs. From tacking up horses to leading, sidewalking, and learning alongside clients, our volunteers contribute to the experiences that make each day at Forward Stride special. 

As one of our dedicated volunteers shared, “Volunteering at Forward Stride is a rewarding experience in so many ways. While the scheduled task is what brings volunteers to the barn, there’s so much more that happens while you are here.”

The camaraderie among our volunteers goes beyond the routine tasks. Friendships are forged, and compassion for our clients, horses, and each other becomes the cornerstone of our community. As one volunteer expressed, “All the sights, sounds, even the smells and dirty boots add to the experience.” It’s these seemingly small details that create a rich and fulfilling environment at Forward Stride, where every volunteer plays a vital role in the larger story of making a positive impact.

What makes our volunteer community truly special is its inclusivity. Volunteer Coordinator Anna Finn shares, “Our volunteer community fosters a supportive environment for all people, regardless of experience with horses. From our volunteers who have been a part of our community for 10+ years, to brand new volunteers who have never worked with horses, there is room for everyone!” Forward Stride thrives on the diversity of its volunteer base, creating an environment where individuals from various backgrounds come together with a shared dedication to making Forward Stride’s mission possible. 

A young girl and instructor practice balancing on a horse in Forward Stride's vaulting program

Volunteering at Forward Stride is a rewarding experience in so many ways. While the scheduled task is what brings volunteers to the barn, there’s so much more that happens while you are here.”

- Volunteer

A volunteer shares, “Witnessing the growth of each client and hearing their squeals as they get their horse to ‘go fast’ is my favorite experience and most rewarding of all.” As our volunteers invest their time and energy, they not only contribute to the day-to-day operations but also become integral parts of the transformative moments that unfold in our programs. 

Our volunteers’ commitment and passion form the backbone of our organization, ensuring that we can continue to provide transformative experiences for our clients and maintain the excellence of our programs. Anna notes, “Forward Stride truly could not operate without the support of our dedicated volunteers!” 

Two students practice vaulting movements with their instructor at Forward Stride's vautling program.

Our volunteers form the beating heart of Forward Stride, showing a tireless commitment to making a difference. By contributing your support, you become an integral part of this collective force for positive change.

Forward Stride is a 501(c)3 non-profit and we would not exist without our donors. Donations support every single one of our programs, help us care for our herd, and ensure we can continue to develop programs for our clients for years to come.