Maiah, Abby, and Katie

A Letter From Wendy – Mother of Maiah, Abby, and Katie

Maiah, Abby and Katie have had a love of horses from the first moment they laid eyes on them. Their start with riding horses was at a pony party. After that, they were hooked. Each started taking lessons at the age of 7.

Maiah and Abby started at Forward Stride about 6 years ago after taking lessons at a couple of other barns. Katie joined lessons 4 years ago. While looking for another barn, Forward Stride was highly recommended because of the programs offered and the instructors. The love of horses and concern for their well being is palpable at Forward Stride.

With three riders in the family, a lot of time is spent at the barn. The family is at the barn riding or volunteering more often than not. Abby loves horses so much she was trained to volunteer this summer and has helped with tacking, side walking, AM care, PM care and at events. She would be at the barn every day if she could. Maiah has learned many aspects of horse care and horsemanship through her experiences at Forward Stride.

The confidence, skills and contentment all three girls get from being on a horse and being able to take charge of such a large animal is attributed to the caring, friendly, and helpful staff at the barn. Even the worst day can be righted through being at Forward Stride. They all have learned how to really treat horses, both as riders and in horsemanship, with respect and caring.

The confidence they have gained from overcoming obstacles with the different personalities of these lovely, and sometimes stubborn, animals would not have happened without the great role models offered at Forward Stride. They have been blessed with relationships with staff, other clients, and the horses.

The opportunities Forward Stride has offered and made available are above and beyond what you will find at another barn.

Forward Stride’s purpose is to make confident self sufficient people and they work very hard to accomplish that.

Thank you Forward Stride for all you do for your community!


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