Carter is two years old and started Physical Therapy at Forward Stride in the Summer of 2016. Carter has been diagnosed with Epilepsy, Hypotonia and is developmentally delayed. At 4 months old, Carter’s parents noticed his low tone. At 8 months, Carter began having seizures. With only 4 months in Forward Stride’s Rehabilitation Services program, Carter’s parents have already started seeing improvements.

“Carter’s overall mood has improved, he seems happier more of the time and more alert. His balance and core strength has improved a lot too!” – Jenelle, Carter’s mother

Jenelle believes in giving Carter every possible chance to succeed. Her ultimate dream is to see Carter walking, talking, and have confidence in his abilities. She believes, with the help of Forward Stride’s Rehabilitation Services, Carter will progress and accomplish many more developmental milestones. Since Carter has started his therapy at Forward Stride, he has become more confident in his physical abilities and is starting to keep up with his twin sister. Carter’s therapy is an activity he and his mother look forward to every week.

Carter hopes to someday ride a horse with his twin sister. We can’t wait to see Carter accomplish all his goals and more.

“I believe that in conjunction with Carter’s other therapies, Forward Stride will facilitate Carter’s overall improvement in physical strength as well as cognition and hopefully speech. I have read so many wonderful stories about equine therapy and am excited to see where it leads us.”– Jenelle

Help Carter continue receiving the therapy he needs to meet his goals!

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