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Semblance of Normalcy

Today’s story comes from Kelly, mother to Cameron, a young man who has been a regular client in the Riding Program for many years. His impeccable manners impress anyone who works with him, and our staff can rely on him to keep them up to date on the latest movie releases.

I think Cameron has been with Forward Stride over 5-10 years (2 different stints).  He started with Pati Nelson and has had a few other instructors as well.  I researched online and found Forward Stride that way.

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During the closure, Cameron was pretty upset and confused as it seemed everything HE did was cancelled.  It started with a dance on March 14, then bowling, swimming pools, both of his jobs (New Seasons and Habitat for Humanity-Restore) movie theatres, Forward Stride and his beloved Wildlife Safari, which he goes to monthly for VIP time with bears, and in fact, all the animal places he visits on a regular basis.  It was hard for him to not take it personally.

Finally, he thought he understood (from Scooby Doo videos) and wished the evil phantom virus would go away. Slowly many things have been restored – but with masks and some new duties or parameters.

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Being autistic, Cameron expects ROUTINE.  Once Forward Stride re-opened, albeit in a smaller capacity, it helped restore some semblance of normalcy to his life.

We hope Forward Stride continues to grow and evolve in order to benefit as many as possible.  Cameron definitely seems more at ease and relaxed after his weekly visits to Forward Stride and really appreciates his time with Tigo, “his horse”.  Cameron has a special relationship with animals, one where he doesn’t have the pressure of having to have conversation and that is an important plus. I know other riders enjoy other benefits and that is the beauty of Forward Stride.

We are proud to provide a place of caring and stability for Cameron, and his mom Kelly. Forward Stride is many things to many people, and we are able to be those things because of our donors. We invite you to join our community of caring, engaged donors and make a gift today.