You could say it is all about communities! We are excited to feature communities helping other communities. In this case we have PDXLAN raising funds for Forward Stride and contributing a very welcomed $20,000 to our Round Up Relay fundraising efforts.

Our very own Mental Health Therapist, Jessica Conwell, is part of both communities (aren’t we lucky!) and she explains how PDXLAN

came to benefit us with their annual summer charity drive.

PDXLAN is a 4 day computer gaming event where more than 500 PC gamers come with their computers from all over North America to play video games.

Gamers participate in contests, compete in tournaments and raise money for charities, she says. Over the years they have raised over $500,000 for various charities. This year, because PDXLAN and Forward Stride are both marking their 15th anniversaries, Jessica said, they thought it would be fun to celebrate the landmarks by choosing Forward Stride to be the recipients of their good work.

The PDXLAN event has sponsors who donate computer hardware which is raffled off to raise funds. Besides buying raffle tickets gamers can contribute to the effort by doing their own fundraising among family, friends and coworkers or by doing bake sale type of things, all to pool those funds into a larger donation. She says other people have pledged to use their bonuses or raise in salary to contribute or have asked their employers to match their contributions. All these efforts combined to raise the funds for Forward Stride.

The Challenge

Jessica and PDXLAN challenge the community of Forward Stride to multiply their donation by reaching out to their own personal community members!

Ready to Take on the Challenge?

Register for the Round Up Relay today (fundraising is free) and share your personal fundraising page with your community! This could include, but is not limited to your friends, family, co-workers and recreational groups. Or, get creative and find a unique way to raise money like Jessica and PDXLAN did!


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