Announcing Openings in the 2021-2022 Youth Mentorship Program

Forward Stride, a non profit facility specializing in horse-centered activities and therapies in Beaverton OR, is offering a mentoring program specifically for youth ages 6-18 in the foster care system or those who have been adopted. This program, called Working in Tandem, is offered free of charge and runs through the school year, wrapping up by June 17, 2022.

Youth are paired with a specially trained adult mentor and one of our fantastic horses or donkeys, and meet weekly in one-hour sessions. Our mentors are thoroughly vetted and trained, and all mentorship sessions are supervised by a mental health professional to ensure all participants have the support they need and that everyone is safe.

Activities during sessions include games, grooming and caring for the horse, and some more emotionally in depth activities that foster healthy relationship building and expression of feelings. Each activity is geared towards specific life skills such as self-esteem, responsibility, self-regulation, and emotional awareness.

Learn more and register at the link below!