We are excited to announce Olin, a retired Portland Mounted Patrol Unit horse, has joined the Forward Stride herd!

Olin is 15.3 hands and 1/4 Quarter Horse, 1/4 Percheron, and 1/2 Fjord. After faithfully serving to protect our community, Olin will now serve as a therapy horse at Forward Stride and will continue to help others.

Olin arrived at Forward Stride this Friday August 18th. You can watch his arrival on Facebook here.

Special thanks to the Portland Mounted Patrol Unit Police Officers and Trainers for your years of service and for taking care of this amazing horse! He will be a great fit to the Forward Stride herd and help many more individuals in the years to come.

If you would like to support Olin and Forward Stride, you can donate to Olin’s Round-Up Relay fundraising page here.