Stable Ground: Trauma Recovery Group

Stable Ground is an equine assisted psychotherapy (EAP) group for adults who are recovering from trauma. This group can accommodate 4-6 members and is a skills group focused on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) education and recovery, using the relationship with a horse and horsemanship skills. To be eligible we ask that those who apply be substance-free for the duration of the 10 weeks and that they agree to be evaluated for suicidal ideation before working with the group. The over-all goal of this group is to reduce trauma symptoms in participants by increasing knowledge, coping skills, and building relationships. To maintain a supportive and safe environment we ask that all participants be concurrently enrolled in individual therapy – thereby directing specific issues, which may arise during the group process and may be more adequately addressed in a private setting, to be shared at your own pace. Forward Stride can provide individual counseling for the duration of the group if you do not already have an outside therapist (fees for individual therapy will apply).