Herd Dynamics: Team Building for Workplaces, Families, and Groups

Let the horses at Forward Stride provide your team, family, or group with a unique development experience!  Experiential learning with horses promotes unity amongst team members, creative problem solving, increased awareness of self and others, improved emotional intelligence, and increased productivity. The herd dynamics within groups of equines give humans an opportunity to observe and engage in relationship building techniques reliant on emotional congruency and body language cues.  Horses help us develop trust within relationships, clear and open communication, and confidence in leadership and partnerships by providing immediate, non-judgmental feedback. Tap into your authentic self through the power of the horse. Herd Dynamics trainees will participate in a variety of activities as part of the “herd,” engaging with them in their natural environment. Activities can be structured to fit your group’s individual needs.

Workshops can accommodate small or large groups.  Our standard workshop is two hours in length and includes light refreshments.  Cost is $400 minimum fee and includes 4 participants. Each additional participant after 4 is $60 per person.  Please contact us for an individualized quote if you are interested in workshops longer than 2 hours.

If this sounds appealing or if you have any questions, give us a shout!