What would you do if you had more confidence? Speak up in meetings, knowing that your ideas have value? Tell your in-laws that dinner this weekend really doesn’t work for you? Spend the weekend on the couch with a good book, and not stressing about your to-do list?

Forward Stride is excited to announce a new program developed in tandem with Forward Stride Horse-Centered Activities and Therapies: Horsepowered Confidence! Join us for 6 weeks of equine-assisted learning and life coaching to help you build the confidence you need to lead the life you want.

Equine-Assisted Learning and Coaching is an experience where the horse, as co-teacher and guide, provides immediate insight into your relationship with yourself and others – how your presence truly affects the world you live in.

EAL combines activities with the horse on the ground with expert mindset coaching so you can experience breakthroughs faster. Horses are experts at reading human body language and emotion and are capable of offering us instant and observable feedback making them excellent partners in this work.

No previous horse experience is required as everything happens on the ground at a distance you’re comfortable with, even if it’s on the other side of the fence.

Program Overview: Embark on a transformative journey towards unwavering self-confidence through the enchanting realm of equine-facilitated group coaching. “Horsepowered Confidence” is a unique and empowering 6-week program designed for adult women to help participants build a strong foundation of self-assuredness, resilience, and effective communication skills. Guided by skilled equine professionals and experienced coaches, this experiential program combines the wisdom of horses with proven coaching techniques to create a dynamic and life-changing experience.

We begin the week of September 18th, exact date and time TBD. All sessions are located on-site at Forward Stride’s beautiful location in Beaverton, Oregon.

Please fill out the registration form to be put on the waitlist, or email amanda.ryanfear@forwardstride.org for more information.

What a typical session will look like:

The typical format for a group session includes a check-in activity so you can leave your busy day at the arena gate and focus on this time just for you. Then we will transition into an activity with the horse, such as observing them in the herd, interacting with them through grooming or leading, or another low-pressure activity. Your facilitators will coach you throughout the activity by asking open ended questions to which there are no wrong answers. Your experience with the horse will generate insights into the patterns and habits of being that will help you build the confidence you are looking for.

Week 1: “Connecting with the Herd”

Participants will be introduced to the majestic world of horses and learn the basics of equine behavior and communication. Engage in activities that foster a sense of connection and trust within the group, mirroring the social dynamics of a horse herd. Begin to explore the concept of personal boundaries and understand their importance in building confidence.

Week 2: “Mirror of Emotions”

Through guided interactions with horses, participants will delve into the realm of emotional awareness and regulation. Horses, as astute non-verbal communicators, will serve as mirrors, reflecting participants’ emotions and highlighting areas for personal growth. Develop techniques for managing stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, both in the presence of the horses and in everyday life.

Week 3: “Leading with Confidence”

Participants will step into the role of a horse handler, leading and guiding the horses through various challenges. Learn the power of assertive and clear communication, emphasizing the importance of body language and intention. Uncover leadership qualities and build self-confidence as participants experience the positive impact of their decisions on the horse.

Week 4: “Navigating Obstacles”

Navigate a course of obstacles and challenges alongside your equine partner, fostering problem-solving skills and adaptability. Recognize parallels between overcoming equine challenges and real-life hurdles, bolstering participants’ resilience and self-belief. Embrace the concept of embracing discomfort as a catalyst for personal growth.

Week 5: “Authentic Connection”

Deepen the bond with your equine partner through mutual trust and vulnerability. Explore the art of genuine connection and communication, both with the horse and with fellow participants. Recognize the value of authenticity in building meaningful relationships and fostering self-assurance.

Week 6: “Empowerment and Beyond”

Culminate the program by embracing newfound confidence and self-assuredness. Engage in reflective activities to consolidate learnings and set personal goals for continued growth. Celebrate achievements and bid farewell to your equine partners, carrying forward the lessons learned into your daily life. “Harnessing Confidence” offers a safe, supportive, and enchanting environment for individuals to develop essential life skills while fostering a profound bond with these magnificent creatures. By merging the wisdom of horses with effective coaching methodologies, participants will leave this program not only with enhanced confidence but also with a renewed sense of purpose and empowerment that will positively impact all areas of their lives.