Are you excited for longer and warmer days? We are, too! Warmer days mean fun summer events at Forward Stride! At the end of June, we will have our Annual Summer Classic Horse Show. At the Summer Classic, registration for the 3rd annual Round Up Relay will open. Stay tuned… more details to come.
That’s not all! This year is Forward Stride’s 15th birthday!
To celebrate, we will have a Birthday Bash for Forward Stride at our Round Up Relay and Open Barn on Saturday, September 8th. We hope you can join us for some fun this summer!
Remember those fancy t-shirts from last year’s Round Up Relay? This year we want YOU to help us design them! The theme should be our 15th Birthday Celebration, please.
To participate, please email your t-shirt sketch to You are also welcome to hand deliver your sketch to a staff member at Forward Stride. If your design is chosen it will go on the back of every t-shirt and you will be awarded with a Forward Stride party this summer! 
We are accepting designs until Friday, June 1. All drawing sketches must be on plain white paper. You are also welcome to digitally edit your design in Photoshop, Illustrator, or a software of your choice. If done digitally, please email a PDF or JPG with a white or translucent background.
We look forward to seeing everyone’s artwork! If you have questions please contact us at (503) 217-2058.