Amanda and Brandon are long-time friends of Forward Stride. Amanda is our Programs Director, but began as a volunteer over 13 years ago and has been here since! Brandon was an integral team member when building Forward Stride’s “Forever Home.” Their day to day kindness is invaluable and we are especially thankful for their commitment to supporting the growth of Forward Stride.

Forward Stride has been a huge part of our lives for the past 13 years. Brandon and I have been involved in many ways. The biggest, of course, is myself as an employee. We also have been volunteers, horse owners and supporters. Forward Stride has made such an impact on both of us and we believe in the life changing mission of this organization. We love witnessing first hand stories of magic like that of Ozzy, who is able to find success in his therapy and riding lessons at Forward Stride. And stories from volunteers, like The Baker Family, who have found a caring and safe community that they can grow in and give back to. I personally have a passion for providing opportunities for at risk youth who may not otherwise get the chance to participate in activities involving horses. I see these opportunities fostered through Forward Stride’s partnerships with the Native American Rehabilitation Association of the Northwest (NARA) and MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility. 

We feel that now is an important time to support Forward Stride because of the generous match that has been offered to Forward Stride. Because of this match, our donation of $4250 will become $8500 for Forward Stride. We are excited that our donation this year will have double the impact. We fully support the mission of Forward Stride and are excited to be involved in the growth of the programs we see making such a positive impact.

-Amanda Garrison, Programs Director