$20 for 20 Years Anniversary Fundraiser

Give $20 for 20 years of Forward Stride!

To donate, please visit any of the following links:

We are asking that everyone in the Forward Stride community join our “$20 for 20 Years” Anniversary Fundraiser. We are now serving more clients than we ever have, not only recovering from but surpassing our pre-pandemic program goals.  As Forward Stride continues to grow, so does our budget!

 At our current capacity, $1.3 million is necessary to support our clients, horses, volunteers, and staff members. 60% of our operating budget must be fundraised, which is well over $700,000!

 Each donation of $20 or more will help us to serve over 300 clients and volunteers each week, care for our incredible herd, and create a safe, welcoming environment for our community. Your donation makes a difference, join us today! 

Please share with all your friends and family to help us reach our fundraising goal! Thank you for your support!