Building a Center of Excellence

New Facility Updates

In August of 2017, Forward Stride will have to relocate due to the development of the property we currently lease in Beaverton. As is Forward Stride’s way, we take a challenge and turn it into an opportunity for success. We have determined that the only way to move forward and accommodate our entire community, while inviting others to join us, is to build one of the nation’s premiere facilities. Embracing this opportunity will allow us to provide the best programs for our community to learn, to grow, and to heal when needed.


Thanks to our generous land donors, Mike and Chris Feves, our journey has begun. Forward Stride at the Feves Family Farm will be a Center of Excellence for Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies.

We are already setting the stage for our programming to match the potential of the new facility by:

  • Reorganizing our model of practice around our clients to emphasize being an outcome-based, inclusive organization
  • Creating new programs like Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy and vaulting
  • Expanding our vocational training and Equine Facilitated Learning programs to better serve individuals of all abilities and ages
  • Developing and funding a scholarship program to provide services to low-income, at-risk youth and Foster Care youth
  • Emphasizing the value and importance of inclusion, which allows for superior and effective services


  • Consider a Major Gift Pledge: Give us a call, visit our office, or email us to submit a pledge to go towards our new home. You can see all of our available naming rights for the new facility below.
  • Donate: No matter the size, every dollar is one step closer to our new home! Please consider a donation to go towards our new facility. YOU CAN DONATE HERE!
  • Share the news! Ask your friends, family, or coworkers to help! Share this page with them. Every dollar is one step closer to Forward Stride’s new home.


Please support an inclusive healing environment in our new, state-of-the-art location by making a major gift today!

  • A gift of $500,000 to erect the large arena in which the majority of our programs take place
  • A gift of $350,000 erects a U-shaped barn used to care for and prepare horses for work, store tack, and conduct other equine-related business
  • A gift of $250,000 builds an office complex for our 14 dedicated staff
  • A gift of $125,000 helps fund one-half of a large arena
  • A gift of $100,000 supports critical development and planning work
  • A gift of $75,000 enables us to construct a small arena
  • A gift of $50,000 helps build an onsite caretaker’s home
  • A gift of $20,000 supports the hiring of a construction project manager
  • A gift of $10,000 underwrites horse and program-friendly landscaping for our new home
  • A gift of $5,000 helps us purchase half of the office equipment we need to operate an efficient nonprofit organization


With your help, and the support of others like you, our new, permanent home will become the location of the best equine therapeutic center in the nation!

New Facility Updates

Have Questions? Give us a call at (503) 590 – 2959 or email us today!